Evaporative Cooling System


The Evaporating Cooling system has been in use for many centuries in the World for cooling the hot unsaturated dry air. In which the dry unsaturated air is passed through the wet surface pad with the help of Centrifugal fan. The out put of the wet surface air will be cooled.


This system is based on the principle that when moist but unsaturated air comes in contact with a wetted surface whose temperature is higher than the dew point temperature of air, some water from the wetted surface evaporates into air. The latent heat of evaporation is taken from


water, air or both of them. In this process, the air loses sensible heat but gains latent heat due to transfer of water vapour. Thus the air gets cooled and humidified. The cooled and humidified air can be used for providing thermal comfort for people in the working area.




The Eshan Make Evaporative cooling system are manufactured to give high cooling efficiency, which consists of Double skin body with Centrifugal fan, Inlet louvers, Filters, Water distribution pipe, water tank, Celdek Pad and air distribution Duct.



Type Evaporative Cooling Equipment
Feature Easy To Use
Condition New
Usage Industry Use
Driven Type Electric
Automation Grade Semi Automatic