Pressurised Ventilation System

The pressurised ventilation system working principle is supplying the Filterer air to the working area. Where air pressure inside the working area will be higher than the ambient pressure. This inside air pressure will prevent the entry of the dust, contaminant into the working area. Hence this system will keep the working area as clean and well ventilated.


The “Eshan” make pressurised ventilation system will consists of DIDW Centrifugal fan, Inlet louvers, Double stage filter with filter Box. Moreover, this system is also available with Evaporative cooling system on customer special request for cooling the working area.


System Application:This system application includes Engine Assembly Area, Electrical MCC Room, Substation Building, Compressors House, DG Halls, Turbine Building, Food and Pharma Industries.



Condition New
Use Commercial
Applications Supply / Exhaust
Type Automatic
Application Humidity Reducing