Ventilation System

The Air Ventilation Systems are designed to remove the hot & toxic gases from the working area and supplying the fresh air. That applies most industrial and commercial buildings, especially where number of occupants is large or where heat/ steam/dust to be removed. We are reputed as one of the stupendous Ventilation System Suppliers in India. Moreover, we have the following two types of Industrial Ventilation Systems available in the array:

  • Ventilation with Air Cooling by Humidification (Air Washers) :- The Eshan Make air washers are designed to clean the air and reduce the temperature of the air and leaving air as cooled by evaporating cooling method. These air washers are widely used in the Pharmaceutical industries, Auditorium, Food and Textile Industries. The air washers are factory assembled complete with water piping, water tank, Float valve, strainer and receiver valves. This type of system is very cost effective.

  • Dust Proof Area :- In this type of ventilation, the supplied air to the room shall be filtered with double stage filter and the air pressure in the building will be higher than outside. This prevent any dust infiltration other contaminants. There by we can keep the working are clean and well ventilated.


Type Automatic
Certification CE Certified
Voltage 220V/380V
Power 5-10Kw
Blade Material Metal
After-sales Service Provided Spare Parts
Use Commercial
Warranty 1 year
Temperature Effect 65%-70%